• Landmark Statement of Accord includes influential global investors
  • ZERO13 digital platform infrastructure to drive African and global economic development
  • Focusing on renewable energy and regenerative agriculture with full digital provenance
  • XTCC has pioneered the issue of the first in a series of exchange-listed products for high-integrity carbon credits

Davos, 16 January 2024 – ZERO13, the COP28 award-winning GMEX Group initiative providing a digital climate fintech platform-as-a-service, and XTCC, the world’s first exchange-traded investment products for high-integrity carbon credits sourced from verified, renewable energy and regenerative agriculture projects, announce a Statement of Accord targeting $100bn capital market investment into high-integrity carbon credits to help address the multi-trillion dollar annual climate financing gap.

“In order to avert a catastrophic climate disaster, global clean energy investments of approximately $4-5 trillion are required annually by 2030 – a more than threefold increase from existing investment levels” according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). The details of how the Accord by XTCC and ZERO13 addresses the current problems in carbon markets, its call to action, and the methodology to achieve its goals will be presented at the WEF Futur.IO Davos Executive Reception on 17 January, at 09:00 CET.

Signatories of the Accord commit to improving the integrity and credibility of carbon credits and working towards an economic model that will restore trust in the carbon credit market and drive liquidity. ZERO13 and XTCC call upon stakeholders from across the climate value chain to take collective action and invest further in digitally verifiable, high-integrity carbon credits. This investment will drive community development and economic progress in the Global South and emerging nations, and empower others to initiate and drive change within the carbon credit industry.

In collaboration with multiple climate ecosystem partners, the Accord serves as a financial and digital gateway to project funders and investors looking for returns. By driving liquidity through capital markets that will provide more opportunities to fund projects, ZERO13 and XTCC will be able to mobilise local capital and international pools of funds. Currently, ZERO13 and XTCC are engaged in multiple countries, with over $1bn in current bankable projects in India, Brazil, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles and South Africa.

As an example, Kenya is already a leader in the generation of carbon credits in Africa, accounting for over 20% of the continent’s volume over the past five years. At COP28, the ‘Africa Green Industrialisation Initiative’ was held, focused on accelerating Africa’s green industrialisation, co-hosted by Kenya and the UAE and attended by African Heads of State and leading figures from green developers, industry, multilateral development banks, and key institutions globally.

The combination of ZERO13’s digital carbon climate market infrastructure ecosystem and XTCC’s exchange-listed investment products instils trust and creates a platform to capture the expected growth in the demand for high-integrity carbon credits. Moreover, ZERO13 and XTCC enable capital markets distribution of high-integrity regenerative agriculture and renewable energy projects that produce carbon credits with complete digitally verified provenance. This collaboration is set to be a leader in the climate markets, augmenting private climate financing with large-scale capital from public markets.

Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO of GMEX Group and ZERO13 said, “We are excited that our ZERO13 ‘networks of networks’ platform has built upon its award win at COP28 to enable this collective action at Davos during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting by fostering connectivity and collaboration across global climate markets.”

He added, “Through our partnerships with XTCC, multiple exchanges, participants, custodians, and registries we increase interoperability, digitally interconnect silos, and bridge the gap between climate tech and fintech. This enables us to scale climate finance across multiple APIs and blockchains and build capacity where it is needed most, benefitting countries, corporations and communities.”

Professor Lisa Wilson, MD of XTCC said, “The partnership between XTCC and ZERO13 isn’t merely infrastructure and talking about a call for investment. We recognise that after COP28 much more than talk is required. The Accord is a critical pledge with full commitment by all stakeholders to a sustainable net zero future. Investing in high-integrity carbon credits will spur new carbon reduction initiatives, playing a crucial role in meeting net zero targets. Together we have set the foundations with a full end-to-end trusted ecosystem for high-integrity carbon credits, removing obstructions so that investment can flow freely with full investor confidence.”


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About ZERO13

ZERO13, an award winning GMEX Group (‘GMEX’) initiative, is a market leading automated AI and blockchain-driven international carbon exchange, registry, and aggregation hub ecosystem. Accessed as a ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS), the ZERO13 Hub offers a distributed point of entry for digital issuance, trading, and settlement of carbon credits and real-world assets such as ESG securities with an approach based on interoperability of multiple blockchains and APIs.

ZERO13 Hub connects multiple international carbon exchanges, registries, custodians, and ESG project owners for supply verification, transparent pricing, and real-time settlement. Connections are via APIs and blockchains enabled by ZERO13 Chain (Pyctor).

GMEX’s Pyctor technology has been harnessed to extend ZERO13 Hub’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities and to power ZERO13 Chain as a multi-blockchain and multi-API interoperable ‘network of networks’. This is an effective and robust mechanism for settling various assets, optimising Delivery versus Payment (DvP) contracts through native integration for token deposits.

ZERO13 industry recognition awards include:

  • COP28 UAE award win in the category of “Innovative blockchain solutions in sustainable finance to scale up climate action” – 2023

For further information on ZERO13, please visit https://www.zero13.net/.


About XTCC
XTCC is an investment product for professional investors. XTCC includes investment products that offer a transparent, credible and sustainable avenue for investors to participate in the rapidly expanding high-integrity carbon credit market, closing the gap in the circularity ecosystem that leads to further growth and the development of new renewable energy projects. The XTCC universe includes multi-currency variants for Solar, Blue Carbon, Biomass, Biogas, Hydro, Wind and Biomethanation.

For more information, visit: http://xtcc.investments or contact ir@xtcc.investments