London, Dubai, and Calgary, 3 October 2023:  ZERO13, GMEX Group’s digital climate fintech ecosystem is collaborating with Dubai-based HalaZone Technologies, the carbon credit project finance specialist, and Calgary-based CarbonCX, a digital platform for integration, calculation, aggregation, management and monetization of Carbon Reduction Credits™. This partnership will enable clients with CO₂e¹ reduction projects to originate carbon credits and gain access to project financing or benefit from carbon offsets.

This climate fintech industry collaboration supports the expansion of carbon credit services to industrial companies around the globe with end-to-end digital provenance and integrity from project initiation, carbon credits issuance, and supply through to market side distribution.

Working with HalaZone and CarbonCX, GMEX Group will integrate HalaZone’s dMRV (digital Measurement, Recording, and Verification) capabilities within the ZERO13 aggregation platform and ecosystem and provide it by way of integration to the CarbonCX digital registry for enhanced carbon credit data integrity and trust. These latest alliances add to the expanding network of business and interconnection layers offered via the ZERO13 platform-as-a-service.

CarbonCX will provide automated collection, verification, aggregation and processing of accurate data related to voluntary carbon emission reductions. Once validated against several recognized and accepted methodologies and protocols, proprietary digital Carbon Reduction Credits™ will be generated automatically using secure blockchain technology.

Further integration of the respective CarbonCX and ZERO13 platforms will harness ZERO13’s expertise to validate CarbonCX’s initial (and ongoing) carbon credit validation processes and provide market access to link the supply of carbon credits to real-time demand. This will ensure optimised trading, clearing, and settlement. In particular, Carbon CX will leverage the ZERO13 multi-blockchain escrow and settlement platform (Pyctor) and ZERO13 Hub platform to ensure cross chain and cross API interoperability.  This will maintain and optimize registry control of digitised carbon credits; connect multiple digital custodians, banks, and markets to global exchanges; manage credits available to trade, unsold credits, and the retirement process; and facilitate peer-to-peer trading between participants.

Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group and ZERO13 added, “Both carbon avoidance and carbon reduction strategies must go hand in hand to ensure effective energy transition. This will ensure energy security as institutions and corporates strive to achieve their Net Zero objectives. We are incredibly excited to extend the ZERO13 digital ecosystem by way of our collaboration with Halazone Technologies and CarbonCX to facilitate this with a complete digital solution. This not only addresses the needs for carbon reduction, but it also extends to other types of carbon credits.”

Henk Schouten, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of HalaZone Technologies added, “Applying technology to reduce or eliminate existing or expected carbon emissions is key to Net Zero, but it has a real and often significant cost. Unlocking financial resources to enable the acquisition and application of emissions reduction technologies is the real power of carbon credits and offsets. We are pleased to be teaming up with GMEX ZERO13 and CarbonCX, as it provides our clients with the industry’s only fully digital, fully transparent, turnkey service and solution.”

Dave Tims, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy of CarbonCX added, “The integration of the CarbonCX process with GMEX’s fintech ecosystem, ZERO13, and HalaZone’s unique dMRV capabilities provides companies with a complete solution to record, report and realize on their incremental carbon reduction efforts. Utilizing our digital capabilities, we look to streamline the carbon credit process, guarantee permanence and increase global participation in carbon reduction efforts. Collectively, our companies operate at the intersection of leading-edge technologies and a global carbon reduction imperative.”

¹Carbon dioxide equivalent

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ZERO13, a GMEX initiative, is an automated AI and blockchain-driven international carbon exchange, registry, and aggregation hub ecosystem. Accessed as a ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS), the ZERO13 Hub offers a distributed point of entry for digital issuance, trading, and settlement of carbon credits and real-world assets such as ESG securities.

ZERO13 Hub connects multiple international carbon exchanges, registries, custodians, and ESG project owners for supply verification, transparent pricing, and real-time settlement. Connections are via APIs and blockchain enabled by ZERO13 Chain (Pyctor).

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HalaZone is a Dubai-based environmental intelligence services, technology, and finance company. It was founded and it is led by a team of experts in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Project Finance. HalaZone advises companies and governments on qualifying and quantifying carbon emissions, developing emission reduction strategies, accessing financing to implement strategies, acquiring and deploying the best technologies to reduce or eliminate emissions, creating carbon credits, and monetizing or offsetting carbon credits.

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Working closely with companies deploying various technologies and activities to reduce baseline carbon emissions, CarbonCX captures, processes, aggregates and homogenizes voluntary carbon reduction efforts into standardized units recorded on the blockchain. CarbonCX technology automatically verifies, calculates and aggregates the associated carbon benefit, programmatically mints Carbon Reduction Credits™ in standardized allotments, and provides management tools for reporting, retiring, or listing on various emerging voluntary Carbon Credit exchanges or marketplaces.

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